Goods transport France

Goods transport France. Goods transport from France, to France. From France we transport automotive and electrotechnical

Preprava tovaru Francúzsko

Preprava tovaru Francúzsko

components, but we also provide e.g. the transport of vine and French foodstuff.

The rail network of France, which connect 31,840 km, is the most expensive rail network in the Western Europe and it is managed by RFF company. Trains for transport of people are managed by SNCF company. High-speed rail connection in France include Thalys, Eurostar and TGV, which reaches the speed of 270-320 km/h if used commercially. Eurostar together with Eurotunnel Shuttle connects France with the United Kingdom across Eurotunnel. France has a rail connection to all neighbouring states, except of Andorra. National connection is also advanced and there are many underground railways and trams which supplement bus transport.

There are approximately 893,300 km of roads in operation in France. The network of highways is approximately 12,000 km long. There are not any registration fees or taxes, but the toll is collected for the use of highways, except of big municipalities. On a new market with cars the national brands dominate, such as Renault (27 % of all cars sold in 2003), Peugeot (20.1 %) and Citroën (13.5 %). More than 70 % of all new cars sold in 2004 had a diesel engine. It is much more than those with petrol engine and LPG. In France, there is the highest bridge in the world called Viaduct of Millau and several important bridges, e.g. Pont de Normandie.

There are approximately 478 airports and runways. The biggest and the most important airport is the Airport of Charles de Gaulle, which is situated near Paris. This airport is also the centre of French national airlines – Air France.

There are 10 bigger ports in France, the biggest one is in Marseille.

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